OOO Combo change medley.

Sonata Arctica: Black Sheep.

H: Not a bad fitting song either.

I thought you didn’t listen to any metal, Hendricks?

On topic, Gamma Ray - Man on a Mission/Fairytale.

That doesn’t fit at all…

((E2M8: Nobody Told Me About Id

Well, guess whose funeral is gonna be crashed by a goddamn Cyberdemon!))

(( Game over - Nednek

funeral with dubstep, i’m cool with that ))

dead on arrival by fall out boy

the irony

this pleases me

Move bitch get out the way

…Whale then

Phantom of the Opera…

I don’t know what to furreal.

(( The Rose In The Vase On The Table by Karen Marie Garett

This pleases me. ))

((For A Pessimist I’m Pretty Optimistic - Paramore))

(( My Immortal - Evanescence [Sung by Gregorian monks]
Apt. ))

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    thinking of you - ms mr kiiiiinda gonna be too late for regrets at that point
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    Tomadoi->Recipe by Mikakuning The “Engaged to the Unidentified” opening …cute.
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    Pirates of Skyrim (Pirates of the Caribbean x Skyrim mashup) 1000% ok with this
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    Franz Ferdinand - Do you want to XD
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    let it go- idina menzel
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    Don’t Stop by InnerPartySystem :x I think I’ll come off as selfish ;~;
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    "Zombie" The Cranberries. PERFECT.
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    Welcome to the Family by Little Big Town. I think thats more appropriate for a wedding but okay then
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    The Doctor is Dying by Chameleon Circuit
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    carry on my wayward son
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    Hm. When can we do this again - Owl City. Fitting.
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    ironically its Oh Death from supernatural
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    Cemetery Weather - Isles and Glaciers. Lol
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    Blow by Ke$ha yes
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    “Call Upon the Seaponies”, remixed by Eurobeat Brony. Welp, I’m comin’ back to life, bitches!
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    I’ve had “Lover of the Light” on repeat-1 all day. I’m not even exaggerating — according to itunes I’ve played it 135...
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    Everypony’s Bangin’ - Silva Hound Nice haha.
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    20 Percent Cooler - Ken Ashcorp (x) It’s a song about My Little Pony. I don’t even watch that show.
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    Either “Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen or “Carry On Wayward Son" by Kansas Perfect.
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    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. Omg.
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    V.I.P. by Sid (Magi OP) AW YEEEEEEE
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    “Darkwing Duck”- Darkwing Duck theme song………….I’m ok with that.
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    Fuck you by Cee Lo Green. Well it works i guess
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    Lovers Rock covered by Jason Mraz…That’ll do…
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    Florence + The Machine - Breath Of Life
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    Spektor That’s...ah shit. it was something by dir en grey. i can deal with this.